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Prague Transport

Prague is a capital city of Czech Republic with a population of 1.2 million people. It is really easy to get around using public transport.
There are three means of public transportation: subway, bus and tram. Subway consists of three lines called A, B and C and it operates daily from 5am till midnight. You will quickly learn your way around as there are metro plans at every station.
Trams and buses are in operation between 4:30am and midnight. Night trams and night buses operate outside these hours but with longer intervals.
The tickets for public transportation are very easy to use. We have two basic kinds of tickets – 30 minute ticket for 24 CZK and 90 minute ticket for 32 CZK. Both of these tickets are transferable and are good for bus, tram and metro.You can purchase the tickets at vending machines, which are located in metro station foyers, or at newspaper and tobacco stands. One day or three day passes are also available.
You can find more information here.


The location of Prague creates fairly different weather patterns, with marked differences between the seasons. As a rough guide, the weather in Prague in spring is warm & dry, summer is hot & sunny, autumn is cool and winter can be very cold with ice & snow. The average temperatures vary from -5C (40F) in winter to 30C (85F) in summer.
If you are interested, you can find more about the weather in Prague and Czech Republic here.


The currency in Prague is Czech Crown – CZK. Although a member of EU, it is still not clear when will Czech Republic adopt Euro.
Euros are accepted in large hotels, restaurants and shops but most of them will only accept Czech Crowns.
More information about czech currency and exchange rates here or here.

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